Four Life-Changing Words

Did your partner say, “I think I’m pregnant”? Those four words can change your life forever. We’re here for you and understand what a shock it can be when you hear them.

First Things First

We offer various no-cost pregnancy services to assist the two of you.

Pregnancy Testing

Before you do anything else, the two of you need to make an appointment at Carolina Pregnancy Center for no-cost lab-quality pregnancy testing. At-home pregnancy tests are reliable but have different sensitivity levels. Knowing when to take the right test at the proper time can be difficult.


A positive pregnancy test is only an indication of pregnancy. Your partner needs an ultrasound to determine whether the pregnancy is viable (growing with a detectable heartbeat) and is in the correct location. We offer a no-cost ultrasound after she receives a positive pregnancy test from the center.

Only a licensed physician can diagnose pregnancy. We are operating under the direction of a Medical Doctor who will diagnose pregnancy after an ultrasound.

Options Consultation

The two of you have options for your unplanned pregnancy. Be sure to set up a no-cost consultation to review each option. We can provide referrals and resources if you choose to co-parent or place your child for adoption.

You Don’t Have To Face This Alone

An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially if being a father wasn’t what you were expecting right now. We understand. Set up an appointment to talk with us.